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12 December 2020

Improve Health at Home WW Partner with Kinetik Wellbeing

Spending more time at home can lead to interruptions to our routine, and cause us to lose focus on maintaining and improving our health at home.  With many of us now experiencing limited access to our GP or pharmacist, it may be difficult to seek general health advice or check-in with our health as easily as we are accustomed to.


Home Health Checks


Taking care of ourselves and improving health and wellbeing is more important than ever, so why not take some positive steps towards improving health at home?

Kinetik Wellbeing are excited to announce a new partnership with WW.  The WW mission is to inspire healthy habits for real life – an ideal match for our belief that everyone should have access to technology to help them stay healthy at home.  WW support weight loss by focussing on all areas of wellbeing, including eating habits, mindset, activity, and lifestyle – these are all factors that we can manage and monitor by introducing some simple home health checks.

To highlight our new partnership with WW we have identified 4 easy to use Kinetik Wellbeing devices that you can use to inspire and improve your health at home.

1. Kinetik Pulse Oximeter

The Kinetik Pulse Oximeter is a small, non-evasive device that clips to the finger to check how much oxygen is present in the blood.  Reduced blood oxygen levels could indicate that our lungs are not functioning efficiently enough to pump oxygen to the vital organs, if they dip too low, the patient can become very unwell.

Pulse Oximeters are used to monitor the health of people with conditions that affect blood oxygen levels such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Asthma, and Pneumonia.  These are all respiratory viruses that can limit lung efficiency and a Pulse Oximeter can detect a drop in blood oxygen levels to help diagnose and treat symptoms more quickly.

A Kinetik Pulse Oximeter can be used to take a health check at home to monitor your blood oxygen levels more closely when needed.

    • Easy to use
    • 30+ hours of continuous use
    • Used by NHS Scotland
    • Measures blood oxygen levels (SP02)
    • Measures pulse rate
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2. Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor

High blood pressure (Hypertension) is a leading cause of serious health conditions including heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.  Because high blood pressure shows no noticeable symptoms, the best way to monitor it is with regular checks.  A Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor can take a quick health check at home rather than waiting to see a GP or pharmacist.

Many of the main causes of Hypertension are linked to our lifestyle choices and some simple changes can help to lower our blood pressure, whilst improving health and wellbeing.  These include maintaining a healthy weight, keeping fit and active, and eating a healthy, balanced diet avoiding excess salt and processed sugars.  By keeping a Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor at home we can better understand our blood pressure health and monitor any changes over time to act quickly and seek medical advice before a more serious problem arises.

3. Kinetik Blood Glucose Monitor

Diabetes affects the way that our bodies treat sugar, and it is especially important to monitor blood glucose levels to make sure they stay in their target range and help us to stay healthy.  The Kinetik Blood Glucose Monitor can be used in a regular health check at home or on the go to monitor blood glucose levels easily, safely, and accurately.

Someone in the UK is diagnosed with Diabetes every 2 minutes and many sufferers of Type 2 Diabetes remain undiagnosed because the symptoms do not always make us noticeably unwell.  Many of the causes of Diabetes are related to diet and fitness but just a few lifestyle changes can begin improving health and wellbeing while reducing the risks of developing the condition.

4. Kinetik Ear & Forehead Thermometer

A temperature check is a simple health check you can make at home and a fast, accurate, and reliable thermometer is an important device for every household.  A high temperature is one of the first signs of many common illnesses and detecting a fever quickly can help us take appropriate action sooner and seek medical advice if needed.

The Kinetik Ear & Forehead Thermometer can take a quick health check at home for the whole family with its two different functions.  The non-contact option uses infrared technology to take an instant reading from the forehead with no contact to the skin, this reduces cross-contamination concerns in families and means temperature checks can be taken without disturbing a sleeping patient. The inner-ear function uses an infrared probe which is inserted into the ear to take a fast temperature check, afterwards the probe can be easily cleaned for next use before the cover is replaced.

Kinetik Wellbeing is also proud to work in association with St John Ambulance, visit their website for advice on how to spot and manage a fever.

    • Awarded a Which? Best Buy
    • Easy to use
    • Contactless
    • Suitable for any age
    • Readings in 1 second
    • Accurate measurements
    • Automatic fever alarm
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Improving health and wellbeing is a key factor for everyone, especially whilst we learn to live in a changing world. We owe it to ourselves to take better control of our health, and a quick health check at home using one of the devices here is a perfect way to begin.

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