Kinetik Health Sense kit

The Kit

The Kinetik Health Sense Kit is a new way to track your key health statistics and turn that information into a real understanding of what they mean for you.

Our electronic devices use the latest technology to assess and record your most important health measures. We believe it is important that you can use these easily at home, understand the results and decide what action to take to improve your own health.

Whats in the kit?

Bluetooth Blood Pressure monitor


Exercise & Fitness Tracker


Bluetooth Digital Scales


Bluetooth Activity Tracker


Digital Non-Contact Baby Thermometer


Non-Contact Baby Thermometer


Period Pain Reliever


Body Composition Analyser


St John Ambulance Children’s First Aid Kit


MedM Health App

The MedM Health App will give you a complete picture of your vital health measures and help you understand your progress, all in the one place for life.

Taking your measurements is easy and once done, your health statistics are uploaded via Bluetooth® to your personal, easy to read, dashboard where all of your data is backed up and stored securely. You can set yourself targets and track your progress by accessing your personal information via the internet anytime and on any device you choose.

Key Features

Highlight variations in your blood pressure, allowing you to take action and see your GP prior to any serious event.

Understand your weight, allowing you to make choices about your diet or physical activity.

Help you understand how active or inactive you really are and decide if you want to make lifestyle changes to help improve your overall health.

Create a sleep diary to help you understand your sleep patterns.

Record your medication history to ensure you are taking medicines correctly and to remind you when any repeat prescriptions might be due.

Invite your family and friends to be your support network so that they can give you that extra encouragement when you need it most.

Get the Kit!

There are significant health problems facing society today – high blood pressure, obesity, lack of physical activity, poor sleep – but it’s not always easy to understand what your measures are, what they mean and what we can do about them.


  • 62% of UK adults are classified as overweight or obese
  • One in four adults have high blood pressure
  • Eight in ten people (79%) are not doing the amount of average weekly exercise recommended by NHS guidelines.
  • Top three things most impacted if feel fat or unhealthy include mood and general happiness (57%), self-confidence (52%) and sex life (24%).


Read the #keephealthsimple guide by Kinetik’s ambassador Dr Sally Norton MB ChB MD FRCS

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