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22 December 2021

We’ve raised over £200,000 for St John Ambulance

Kinetik Wellbeing has raised over £200,000 since the start of our partnership in 2016; this is the equivalent of training 2,000 volunteers in basic first aid or keeping 50 ambulances on the road. We continued to support SJA through the global pandemic, a time at which their care was needed more than ever.


St John Ambulance and Kinetik Wellbeing have a shared passion for empowering people to look after their health, from knowing how to tackle a first aid emergency to monitoring your blood pressure. Kinetik Wellbeing’s product range supports St John’s work through donations from each purchase, which enables St John to continue to meet the health needs of communities across the country.

    During the pandemic, people in communities like yours have received over 1 million hours of care from St John people. That is more than a century’s worth of time simply during the pandemic. St John people were there in hospitals, on ambulances and in communities giving people the compassionate care they needed, whether for ongoing health concerns or care relating to COVID-19. An average of 200 St John volunteers were stepping forward every day to care.

    The charity was asked to partner with the NHS to deliver the COVID vaccine programme from March 2021 and trained more than 30,000 volunteers to help the NHS vaccinate the nation. Some of their vaccination volunteers administered the vital jabs and many were reassuring and taking care of people before and after they received them; their green T-shirted volunteers were seen at vaccination centres from Newcastle to Newhaven.

    Ultimately, St John respond to the greatest needs of communities across England, increasing the available resources, undoubtedly helping to relieve the pressure on the NHS and save as many lives as possible. 

    The donations made to St John Ambulance from your purchases of Kinetik Wellbeing products support the volunteer-led health and first aid charity to deliver care wherever there is need – at home, on the road or in hospital.  

    A big THANK YOU from St John Ambulance to Kinetik Wellbeing who have supported us for the past 5 years – including through a global pandemic. 

    Donations to St John make a difference by helping them to provide communities with people who have the skills and confidence to know they would step forward, and know what to do when faced with a health incident. The continued support Kinetik offers can support us to expand and build a society where everybody gets the help they need. 

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