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8 October 2019

We’re here for the Mums!


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Kinetik Mums is a new YouTube channel for parents, on a mission to champion your family’s health…

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What’s Kinetik Mums all about? We asked Sian to explain…

Kinetik Mums is a new YouTube channel bought to you by Kinetik Wellbeing. It is an online resource for parents, that is made by everyday Mums (I wanted to say ‘ordinary’, but since when is any Mum ‘ordinary’?) Kinetik Mums are on a mission to Champion Your Family’s Health. We want to speak to the parents out there about the challenges and the questions that we all have every day about raising a family. Physical health is a huge part of that, but we are also looking at other things like managing our crazy schedules, discussing the niggly worries that keep us awake at night, and asking the questions that buzz round in our heads (but we never say out loud!) Kinetik Mums is a place where all parents can come to watch, share and feel reassured about the crazy world of parenting and family life.

I’m no family health expert, so why am I a Kinetik Mum?

I am definitely not an expert, but I do have experience at this parenting gig, and I want to share and discuss it with others. Kinetik Mums is not designed to be an expert source of information on family health, the aim of the channel is to suggest ideas to help keep you and your family as healthy and happy as possible.  It is a place where we share our ideas, and where other parents and caregivers can share theirs too.  We are not Dr Ranj, or Dr Hillary Jones, or Supernanny, we are everyday Mums just doing our thing and trying to do it right.

How does a Kinetik Mum’s mind work?

2 | Kinetik WellbeingI recently saw an hilarious comedy sketch on YouTube where an American male comedian explained the differences between a male and female brain.  He described a man’s brain as a series of boxes with each section of his life neatly packed into its place so he can access each thing one at a time, in an orderly way.

He described the female brain as a massive, tangled ball of wire with each element and thought connected to numerous others in a big, confused, crazy mess.  He said that women never think about one thing at a time, they are always doing about fifteen things at once.

I found that video so funny because (like all great comedy) it was so true to life. My Mum brain is a big mess of thoughts, jobs and worries that will never untangle, and I’m kind-of used to that now – after 6 years, I realise it will probably never change.

But, if I can find ways to help unravel each thought and fear as I face it, then everything will become less daunting, and more achievable.

And that’s why I’m so excited about Kinetik Mums!  This YouTube channel for parents is a place where we can deal with our challenges and questions, our concerns and our triumphs.

My life as a Mum

Becoming a Mum in 2013 and again in 2015 changed my life. I know that sounds obvious, because of course I knew that life would be different with kids (I just never realised that the changes they would bring would be quite so earth-shattering!)  Being a Mum is incredible, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I try to embrace everything motherhood teaches me – the highs, and the lows!

From the moment I became a Mum a huge sense of protective instinct and responsibility came over me. Keeping my children alive, happy and healthy was now entirely up to me – and my husband! – And there is simply no way to put that feeling into words.

You couldn’t write a job description because every Mum has a different role, and no two days are the same. To me, a Mother is a caregiver to her family, she provides love, compassion, warmth, and comfort.  She must also be disciplinarian, confidant, and “Knower of all things”.

There are plenty of books, websites and blogs that tell you how to be a Mum, but there is no definitive instruction manual.  That is why we so often seek the advice of others in our quest to find out what is the best thing to do in any confusing situation. Your own mother, your friends, your health visitor, complete strangers in supermarkets (yes, really) – and the source of ALL information, the internet.

Internet search engines have been my go-to source of information so many times. My YouTube search history is a list of the most bizarre questions imaginable, including:

  • How to breastfeed your baby
  • How to get my baby to go to sleep
  • What colour should my baby’s poo be?
  • What does Chicken Pox look like?
  • Healthy foods to wean my baby
  • How can you tell if your child has a fever?
  • How to get my kids to eat vegetables
  • Quick 5-minute exercises to tone my stomach
  • Rainy day activities for hyper-kids

I know that at least one of the questions on that list is in every parent’s search engine history – I’m not alone – we all do it.

When Kinetik Wellbeing asked me to be a Kinetik Mum I jumped at the chance to promote health within the home! I was so honoured to be asked my opinion because deep down, we ALL like to offer advice.  Whenever a friend asks me a ‘Mum’ question I am there with my list of helpful answers, just as my friends are for me.  Some questions feel just too weird to ask out loud, and for those situations we have YouTube, and Kinetik Mums!

What challenges do I face as a Mum?

8 | Kinetik WellbeingMy fellow Kinetik Mum Louisa put it perfectly in one of her Kinetik Mums videos: “No two days are ever the same”, the challenges you face as a parent vary day to day and something that I may find challenging one day can be a breeze the next.

For me, the most common challenge of motherhood is finding the time to fit everyone’s needs into each day.  I wish I could clone myself to be able to give attention and time to both of my children, my partner, my family, my friends, my home and my work.  But it is impossible to split yourself into zillions of pieces, so you just have to do the best you can and try not to sweat the small stuff.

What are my biggest worries about the health of my family?

I worry incessantly about our health as a family. Do the kids have a temperature?  What is that funny rash on their leg?  There’s a sickness bug going around, are we going to get it? (Sickness bugs are my worst nightmare!)  I want my kids to eat healthily, be fit and active, exercise their minds and learn about the world.  I want them to be confident, caring and happy.  I want to play with my kids, spend time with my husband, see my friends, exercise, have fun, and occasionally sit in a dark room and do absolutely nothing at all.

How do I keep my family healthy?

Keeping my kids healthy and detecting illness quickly are really important to me.  I keep a Kinetik thermometer handy at home to help me spot and manage high temperatures, and we encourage a healthy balanced diet wherever possible.  We try to keep as active as we can with lots of walking and outdoor activities too.

Why should you watch Kinetik Mums?

I hope Kinetik Mums will become an online community for parents, a place where we can share and learn together.

If you have any questions about topics we can cover that focus on championing family health – please get in touch!  Use this link to find our Kinetik Mums channel and subscribe to it.  We post a new video every day from Monday to Friday and inspiration for new videos helps keep us fresh and relevant – get involved!

Introducing the NEW Kinetik Child Health Kit

childrens main image | Kinetik WellbeingThe NEW Kinetik Child Health Kit in association with St John Ambulance is a must-have for every family home.

Lightweight & multi functional, this mind easing kit includes an array of first aid guides, swabs and wound dressings to help you take care of your family at home. Available for £14.99. SHOP HERE

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