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24 November 2020

Types of Thermometers and Which Thermometer Is Most Accurate?


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If you are looking to update your thermometer this guide to the different types of thermometers available will help you decide which thermometer types would be best for your family, and which thermometer is most accurate.

This guide to the different types of thermometers available will help you decide which thermometer is most accurate.

The Different Types of Thermometers Available

The thermometer types that are most popular for home use are; a digital forehead thermometer where a temperature reading is taken without physical contact, an inner ear thermometer where the reading is taken by inserting a probe into the ear canal, and a digital oral thermometer where the reading is taken orally from the patient’s mouth.

You can also choose a dual function thermometer like the Kinetik Ear and Forehead Thermometer which can be used to take a reading from both the forehead and the inner ear.

Deciding which type of thermometer would be the best for you depends on how you need to use it.

Here is a brief explanation of the different types of thermometers available, and information on which thermometer types are most accurate.

Digital Forehead Thermometer

Foehead Thermometer | Kinetik Wellbeing A digital forehead thermometer is a non-contact forehead thermometer that uses infrared technology to scan the surface of the skin for a temperature reading.  No contact is required which makes this a popular type of thermometer when more than one person needs a temperature check as there is no need to clean the device between uses. 

This is a popular type of thermometer for new parents and families with young children as it can be used from birth to take a reading without disturbing a sleeping patient.  Some models, like the Kinetik Ear and Forehead Thermometer, can check ambient, surface, and liquid temperatures too.

Inner Ear Thermometer

Inner Ear Thermometer | Kinetik Wellbeing

An inner ear thermometer is a digital thermometer where a probe is inserted into the ear to check temperature.  This type of thermometer uses an infrared ray to measure the temperature of energy radiating from the eardrum.

Some inner ear thermometers use disposable probe covers which must be changed between patients to avoid any cross-contamination. 

Digital Oral Thermometer

Digital Oral Thermometer | Kinetik Wellbeing

A digital oral thermometer is inserted beneath the tongue to take a temperature reading.  This type of thermometer is generally the most cost-effective.

Digital oral thermometers may be more suited to older children or adults who are more comfortable having their reading taken orally.  For hygiene purposes, the probe must be cleaned between uses.

Which Is the Most Accurate Thermometer?

Both inner ear thermometer accuracy and forehead thermometer accuracy are excellent and most devices can measure temperature to within ±0.2°C when used correctly.  For extra peace of mind, search for thermometer types that have a CE Mark to meet the latest British Standards.  CE Marking is the device manufacturer’s claim that their device meets the essential requirements of all relevant European Medical Device Directives. These Directives outline the safety and performance requirements for medical devices in the European Union (EU).

It is important to understand that the most accurate type of thermometer is one that is used correctly. You can find helpful instructions on how to take a temperature on the NHS Website.

To ensure you are using a Kinetik Wellbeing thermometer correctly, you can watch one of our instructional videos like this one for the Kinetik Wellbeing Ear and Forehead Thermometer.  

Which Thermometer Is Best?

When deciding which type of thermometer is best for you, ask the following questions:

Will be used at home or in a public setting?

How old are your patients?

How many people use it?

How much you want to spend?

Your answers to these questions will help you determine which type of thermometer is the most accurate and suitable for you.

Kinetik Wellbeing have different types of thermometers to suit all requirements, shop online to choose the best type of thermometer for you:   


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