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16 October 2019

Do couples who train together, stay together?


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Why does working out have to be a solo activity?  Our lives are so busy that it is almost impossible to get any down time with our partners, so we looked at the reasons why couples who train together is benefit through health – and their relationship.

You get more quality time together

As we have already said, life gets in the way all the time!  It is so hard to fit in any quality time with our partners when we are rushing to work , or the gym, or for a run.  Have you ever considered asking them to join you?  Having a training partner who you know so well means you will instantly feel more comfortable!  There is no awkwardness as you worry about getting sweaty with a stranger because you have probably seen them at their worst already!  And if you haven’t?  This is a perfect opportunity to start bonding.

Introduce some friendly competition

You might have completely different fitness goals but having a partner to drive you forward will motivate you to smash your targets!  Sharing your workout results is a great way of introducing a bit of healthy competition too.  If you both wear an activity tracker like the Kinetik Bluetooth Activity Tracker you can pair and compare your daily step goals, calories burned and distance travelled by sharing them via the free MedM Health App which is available for both iOS and Android

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Hit those relationship goals

Workout With A Partner For Better Results

Exercising together will help you and your partner reignite those feelings of excitement and attraction that you felt when you first met – which is especially important if you have been together for a long time.  Here’s the science bit – exercise helps the brain to release happy endorphins that are similar to those we feel when we are attracted to someone new!  These clever hormones also make us happier and more confident which will help to banish any negative feelings between you and make you both feel more cheerful overall. 

Doing something positive and fun together like going out for a jog, or trying a new exercise class will leave you both feeling fantastic – and isn’t it amazing to share that post workout glow with the person you love?


Workout more efficiently with your partner

This is true for two reasons…

Firstly, working out with a partner helps to beat any feelings of complacency that we often feel when working out.  When the seasons change and the weather gets colder you might not feel like doing anything, but having your partner there will motivate you into action because nobody wants to be the lazy one, right?!

Secondly, working out with a partner makes us train smarter!  A 2016 study by the University of Aberdeen found that having a new exercise companion increased the amount of exercise people took.  This was increased even more when the new partner was emotionally supportive. (see the study results here).

You’ll be more inclined to try something new

Who here has fallen into an exercise rut?  It happens to us all.  But having a new partner to train with will make you feel braver and more open to trying a different kind of workout.  You might prefer the gym, while your partner likes to train outdoors.  There might be a circuit class that you have wanted to try and now you have a buddy to take along.  Use the opportunity to get both you and your other half to mix up your fitness regime because workout ruts make us lose motivation, and that can have a negative effect on our results too.

Some activities you can try together are: running (check out your nearest weekly Park Run), couples yoga, tennis, cycling and walking.

So next time you are tying your training shoes, or searching for your gym gear why not ask your partner to come and join you?  We bet you will both feel better for it, both physically and emotionally.

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