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13 January 2021

Tips for Losing Weight At Home


Man losing weight at home


Do you want to learn more about losing weight at home?

Staying at home might cause your weight loss goals to hit a stumbling block, but this is no reason to give up. Being at home means more time to work on you. Use these tips to show you how to lose weight at home.

Create your workout space

work out

One of the best ways to lose weight at home is through exercise. You can’t get to the gym, but you can bring it to you! You don’t need lots of equipment, just basic accessories like a workout mat, maybe some free weights or exercise bands, and enough floor space to work out safely.

Cleanse your cupboards

Planning how to lose weight at home starts with a healthier diet.  Remove temptation from your kitchen by clearing out any junk food to discourage you from unhealthy snacking between meals.  Switch chocolate, crisps, and fizzy drinks for healthier snacks like fruit, oatcakes, or nuts – and lots of water to keep you hydrated.

Plan ahead

Another good way of planning how to lose weight at home is by setting a weekly meal plan. Set aside time to plan your meals for the following week before you do your grocery shopping. Check your diary for days when you have plans or might be working late and avoid complicated meals on those days. This will help you avoid grabbing last-minute takeaways when you don’t know what to cook and you are short of time. If you are struggling for inspiration, use a free online resource like this meal planner from BBC Good Food.

Stick to a routine

When you aren’t going anywhere, you can fall out of sync with normal life and develop unhealthy habits.  Plan how to lose weight at home by setting a routine.  This will create a positive mindset and give you the focus to keep going.

Get motivated to move

It is natural to move less when you are at home, so aim to take short, regular movement breaks to stay active.  Set a timer to remind yourself to move and jog a few laps of your home while you make a drink or dance to the radio between Zoom calls.  Staying active is one of the best ways to lose weight at home, so don’t stop moving!


Avoid alcohol, sugar, and fatty foods

To really understand how to lose weight at home, there are some foods you should remove from your diet. Alcohol, sugar, and fatty foods will slow your progress and in some cases cause you to gain weight.  We are proud to work in partnership with WWUK, use the diet and weight loss tips available on the WWUK website for suggestions on how to lose weight at home through better diet choices.

Track your progress

Monitoring progress will help keep you on track to smashing your weight loss goal. Tracking your results will highlight what is working well – and not so well when you are learning how to lose weight at home.

The Kinetik Wellbeing fitness range includes devices like the Kinetik Heart Rate Monitor to help you track the efficiency of your workouts, and the Kinetik Bluetooth Scales to help you monitor weight loss. Browse our fitness devices that can support you as you start the journey of losing weight at home.

Use free resources

Use free online resources to help you learn how to lose weight at home. It is important to know how to lose weight at home healthily, and the NHS website offers lots of helpful resources for safe and effective weight loss, including their free 12-week diet and fitness plan which is available to download from their website.

You can access lots of free workouts online to show you how to lose weight at home. The Body Coach and Kayla Itsines offer workouts for all fitness and mobility levels.  The NHS also offers some excellent videos in their online Fitness Studio.

Be kind to yourself

Knowing how to lose weight at home will help you to stay healthy during a lockdown, and beyond. It is important to remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. Losing weight can be a frustrating journey.  If you suffer setbacks, remember that tomorrow is always a new day to get back on track.  Be kind to yourself, and celebrate your successes.

Combine these tips to help you understand how to successfully lose weight at home, and you will soon be well on your way to a healthier, happier weight.

Visit the Kinetik Health blog for more health and wellbeing tips.

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