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1 January 2019

A simple and manageable guide to smashing your health goals in 2019


Reach Your Weightloos Goals Healthily With Kinetik Bluetooth Digital Scales

The main problem with Christmas is the aftermath.  The festivities are great while they last but the indulgence of December often leaves us feeling unfit, unhealthy and unmotivated.  That’s why you need to set a manageable guide to smashing your health goals.

The natural reaction to this is to vow to start the new year with a completely new you.  But how often do you stick to your good intentions?

You fill the fridge with healthy food, join a gym and challenge yourself to a Dry January – but often the novelty wears off and you gradually return to your old ways (leaving you feeling worse than ever).

Nobody wants to start the year feeling a failure but it’s easy to see why so many of us struggle to stick to the goals we set in January.  We put huge pressure on ourselves to make multiple lifestyle changes all in one go but changing old habits and enforcing new ones is hard.  Instead, break down that major lifestyle change into smaller tasks that you can tackle one by one.  By making less significant changes to your everyday life, you can gradually turn the ‘bad’ habits into ‘good’ ones.

At Kinetik we believe you should Keep Health Simple, and we have created this helpful guide to empower you to smash your health goals in 2019 and beyond.

Take small steps to a fitter you

Instead of committing to an annual gym membership or vowing to run 5km every day, start with a 10,000 daily steps challenge.  You can walk or run these steps, but the main aim is to make you more conscious about moving.

Look for ways to incorporate more steps into your daily routine.  If you are forced to drive to work or you have a sedentary job, park further away from your office or take a walk at lunchtime.  Swap lifts for stairs, do an extra lap of the house with the hoover or swap your online grocery shop with a visit to the supermarket – those extra steps soon add up.

Count your steps with a wearable fitness tracker like the Kinetik Bluetooth Fitness Tracker (AT100) which tracks daily steps, calories and distance.  You can upload your results to the free Kinetik Health App (available on iOS or Android) and monitor your progress.

Find your own ‘Weigh’ to your goal

If you have committed to losing weight, set yourself a goal weight with a series of weekly targets to keep you on track.  A good way to determine your target weight is by working out your ideal BMI using a BMI calculator like the one on the NHS website.

The NHS recommends sticking to a safe weight loss target of 1lb-2lbs per week.  Breaking down your target and tracking your progress will help keep you in control and motivated.

The Kinetik Bluetooth Digital Scales are a perfect partner for your weight loss journey.  The large digital display is quick and easy to read, and you can upload your reading into the Kinetik Health App to help track your weight loss trends and progress.

Remove the pressure by taking the pressure

Improving fitness and managing your weight will help you feel better about yourself.  It also contributes to your heart health and lowers blood pressure.

Maintaining healthy blood pressure is vitally important to our long-term health.  High blood pressure puts extra strain on your heart, and if left untreated it can lead to life threatening complications such as cardiac arrest or stroke.

There are approximately 16 million people in the UK living with high blood pressure – and 7 million of them are unaware of it.  Many people will only have their blood pressure checked when they visit their GP, so having access to a blood pressure monitor could help to spot any potential issues and seek medical support before a problem arises.

A Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor will enable you to check your blood pressure regularly in the comfort of your own home.  Having a home monitor will encourage you to become more mindful of your health choices, which will help motivate you to keep up with those weight and fitness goals too.

Look at the bigger picture

Implementing the small changes in this guide and linking your manageable health, fitness and weight goals together is the perfect starting point to discovering a happier, healthier you in 2019.

Remember to stick to these 3 key points:

  1. Start small if you are aiming high
  2. Measure, monitor and manage your progress to stay motivated
  3. Be firm with yourself but don’t put on too much pressure

For devices to help you Keep Health Simple and reach your health and fitness goals in 2019 visit

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