Respiratory Devices

Kinetik Wellbeing's Respiratory range is designed to help you monitor and manage the symptoms of Respiratory conditions from the comfort of your own home.    

Product Range

Finger Pulse Oximeter (Sp02)


Compressor Nebuliser



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Did you know?

The British Lung Foundation has published research which shows COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is the second most common lung disease in the UK. Around 2% of the UK's population, 4.5% of all people over the age of 40, live with COPD. Treatments aim to slow the disease by limiting symptoms using medicines.

Our Nebuliser Promise.

Our respiratory range offers an effective solution to manage the delivery of medicine to your upper, mid and lower airways as quickly as possible. With medical certification and adherence to the strictest standards of production mean the product you buy will enable you to get on with your day. Minimising the impact of respiratory conditions in your everyday life is our goal.