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16 January 2019

How to relieve tension and stiffness in your body

Do you suffer from tension and stiffness?  Read on to find out how you can improve this with a few easy to implement tips.

But before you start reading we’d like you to do something for us…

  1. Stop what you are doing.
  2. Take a mental note of your body and posture.
  3. Focus on your back, neck and shoulders; Are your shoulders hunched? Is your neck stiff?  Is your back tight and rigid? 
Tension And Stiffness


We bet at least one of the above applies to you now – or at some point during your day.  They all signal the tension we hold within ourselves – a standard posture for those of us who lead busy lives and are often found hunched over a screen.

The resulting factors of our non-stop lives are stiff muscles and tension, a feeling of discomfort that often includes physical pain.  Mental anxiety and stress are also becoming more widespread as we push ourselves to fit everything in.

It paints a stressful picture doesn’t it?

Our goal for this post is that you will finish it feeling less tense and stiff than you did at the beginning.

So, read on and prepare to relax with these helpful pointers….


Loosen up

Our first tip for combatting tension is to improve that stiff, hunched posture.

Take a moment right now: exhale slowly, pull your shoulders away from your ears, sit back…now take a few slow, deep breaths in and out.  Close your eyes for a moment (if it is safe to do so!) and let your body loosen.

We bet that made a difference, didn’t it?  Try to repeat this short exercise at regular intervals during your day.  No matter how busy you are, taking a few moments to yourself is vital to prevent and relieve tension.

Stretch it out

Stretching is one of the most wonderful things you can do for your body!  The daily impact of our lives causes muscles to bunch up.  Take time at the start and end of your day for some gentle stretching when you can.

Do you exercise?  Stretching before and after helps repair muscle and prevent injury.

Join a Yoga or Pilates class!  Both will do wonders for your mind and body – Yoga is said to be a great way of reducing blood pressure so it’s good for your overall health too.

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Massage your pain away

Nothing beats a relaxing massage to relieve tension in your body and mind!  A qualified massage therapist will listen to your ailments and tailor a massage to directly ease your stress points.  If you suffer from an injury or recurring pain, you can visit a Sports Therapist to target your symptoms.  You will be left feeling as light as a feather.

Soak the tension away

People have been soaking away tension with hot baths since the Ancient Egyptians used them as a form of therapy in 2000 BC.  The warm water will help to ease muscle fibres and relax your body to release tension.  Try adding essential oils or Epsom Salts to the water to further aid relaxation.

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Find some TENS Relief

A TENS machine is a natural and drug-free way to ease tension and pain in your body.  A TENS Reliever delivers small electrical pulses via electrodes placed on your skin to block how pain signals are sent to your brain.  This stimulates your body to produce more of its own pain-relieving Endorphins.  You can adjust the intensity of a TENS machine to match your own comfort levels and enjoy some well-earned relaxation while the electrodes work their magic.

At Kinetik Wellbeing we have a range of TENS devices to meet your specific pain relief needs.  Click here to view our tens range now.

We are almost done…but before you finish, let’s check in and see how you are feeling now.

Remember the steps above?  Stop, take a mental note of your body, sit back and breathe!  Hopefully you are feeling more relaxed and less tense than you did when you started?

Remember to be kind to yourself.


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    • 12 stimulation settings
    • 4 pads & 2 channel settings
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