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“This machine is very easy to use, it’s light weight and quieter than the hospital one.”


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Key Features

Powerful High Nebulisation rate (0.3ml/min)

Proven to treat Respiratory Disease

Includes Adult and Child Mask

Complete Airway Treatment, with Ultra-Quiet Delivery

Efficient and Effective with Short Inhalation Time

Safe method of taking medication

The Kingyield Compressor Nebuliser is designed with speed and efficiency in mind, meaning you can spend the minimum amount of time taking your medication. With a short inhalation time and the ability to reach the upper, mid and lower airways you can be sure you’re getting the treatment you need.

With only USB connection needed to function, you can use the Compressor Nebuliser where it’s convenient for you. Every Compressor Nebuliser comes with an adult and child mask, making it suitable for all the family. This,  alongside its portability and high nebulisation rate, beats what you’ll find elsewhere on the market and at a competitive price.

3 Step Setup

Step 1

Unpack and assemble nebuliser, ensuring to insert batteries or connect device to USB port.

Step 2

Fill medicine cup with prescribed medication, and attach tube to medicine cup.

Step 3

Either place the mouthpiece between the teeth and close lips around it or place the mask tightly over the mouth and nose. Start treatment and inhale medication slowly and deeply until nebuliser cup is empty.

CE Certified - Class IIa Medical Device

Kinetik Approved

Kinetik Approved products are not made by us, but we have used the technical team in our Hong Kong office to not only audit the factories but also test the devices to ensure accuracy and comply to industry standards, we therefore with confidence recommend them to our customers.

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