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World Health Organisation


WHO stands for the World Health Organisation. The guidelines developed by WHO are prepared through a vast global consultative process involving WHO Member States, national authorities and international agencies; in consultation with the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on the International Pharmacopoeia and Pharmaceutical Preparations, with specialists from industry, national institutions, nongovernmental organizations, etc.

European Society of Hypertension


ESH stands for the European Society of Hypertension. The ESH provides a stable and organised European platform for scientific exchange in hypertension. The ESH is a sister society of the ISH, International Society of Hypertension, and thus its by-laws and objectives are modelled after those of the ISH. Members and European Hypertension Specialists come from all countries in Europe including all former Eastern European Countries, North Africa and the Middle East to discuss matters in hypertension.



The British and Irish Hypertension Society is the forum for professionals working in the field of hypertension and cardiovascular disease in the UK and Ireland.  The Society comprises doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers specialising in the delivery of care in hypertension and allied fields, together with clinicians and scientists in the forefront of cardiovascular research.