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3 August 2021

Nuffield Health Partnership



Kinetik Wellbeing is collaborating with Nuffield Health to support their shared vision of making better health and wellbeing more accessible to all.

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UK medical device company Kinetik Wellbeing have teamed up with the UK’s largest healthcare charity Nuffield Health to highlight the supporting role that measuring health at home can play in overall wellbeing.


A recent Nuffield Health survey found that 20% of British people feel that their overall health has worsened significantly since initial lockdowns at the start of the pandemic, which is of no surprise given the restrictions that may have impacted regular access to healthcare.


The new partnership aims to create better awareness around how people can support their wellbeing by managing health at home and providing accessible resources and tools to guide the nation’s wellbeing as we emerge from the pandemic, and into a healthier future.

For 60 years, Nuffield Health have been working to make the nation fitter, healthier and stronger through their network of 31 award-winning hospitals, 113 fitness & wellbeing centres, healthcare clinics and over 200 workplace wellbeing services. They have also developed a range of flagship programmes that aim to widen healthcare access in local communities.
treadmill running

Kinetik Wellbeing are the only medical device company to work in association with St John Ambulance, the nation’s leading first aid charity. From monitoring blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, or checking temperature to tracking fitness. Kinetik Wellbeing devices are designed to be used at home to carry out simple checks and take better control of the health of the entire family.

To support the pro-active message behind their partnership, Nuffield Health have introduced Kinetik Wellbeing devices to their new online health store to provide their customers with the tools they need to manage health more easily at home.

James Grover, Sales and Marketing Director for Kinetik Wellbeing

“Working with the UK’s largest healthcare charity makes perfect sense for Kinetik. This is an opportunity to combine our organisations’ collective expertise with our passion for better health by delivering informative campaigns that encourage people to be well and stay well, while providing the medical devices that support them to do so”.

James Grover

For more information on Nuffield Health and their range of services visit

For further details on this partnership please contact

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