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25 July 2023

My Blood Pressure | Press Release

Introducing “My Blood Pressure”: Your Personal Blood Pressure Companion 

This September, Kinetik Wellbeing, in exclusive partnership with the national charity, Blood Pressure UK, is set to launch the personal blood pressure companion – My Blood Pressure, coinciding with the national blood pressure awareness campaign, Know Your Numbers! 

My Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a global health challenge affecting millions. Shockingly, approximately 5.5 million adults in England remain unaware that they have this condition. Even more concerning, high blood pressure is responsible for over half of all strokes and heart attacks, as highlighted in the January 2017 Health Matters report. 

    That’s where My Blood Pressure steps in to change the game. It’s not just another ordinary service – it’s your personal blood pressure companion. Taking your unique blood pressure readings and lifestyle into consideration, this new digital service will offer comprehensive tools to track, analyse, and gain valuable insights into your blood pressure.  

    My Blood Pressure goes beyond just the numbers, it gives you personalised clinical advice provided by hypertension experts, which will help you make informed diet and lifestyle changes and take proactive steps towards achieving healthier blood pressure levels. Visit now to be among the first to receive exclusive updates on the official launch and gain first access to My Blood Pressure when it becomes available. 

    This new partnership between Kinetik Wellbeing and Blood Pressure UK is built on a shared commitment to empower individuals to take control of their health. With Kinetik Wellbeing’s expertise as a leading provider of medical devices and Blood Pressure UK’s extensive knowledge and support, we’re hoping to make a significant impact in the fight against hypertension.  

    Together, let’s transform blood pressure management and empower individuals to live longer and healthier lives. 

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