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Living with Diabetes

Living with diabetes can be tough! Especially when there are so many factors to consider – from what to eat and drink, exercise etc. But this doesn’t mean your life should come to a stop! This section will give you all the information you need to understand how to fit your diabetes around your life.

Healthcare Essentials

The 15 healthcare essentials campaign outlines the 15 diabetes checks or services that every person with diabetes should receive or have access to. Follow the link here –  15 Healthcare Essentials 

Know Your Risk

Do you know your risk of getting Type 2 diabetes? It’s very important that you know your risk of Type 2 diabetes, because then you can do something about it. This new leaflet provides information on the risk factors of Type 2 diabetes. Follow the link here – Know Your Risk

Preventing Foot Problems

Footcare is vert important if you have diabetes. This is because diabetes can affect your circulation.   Follow this link for – 10 Simple Steps to Prevent Foot Problems

Food Labels Made Easy

Healthy eating is so important for everyone! If you do have diabetes, eating the right things will help you manage the condition. Follow this link – Food Labels Made Easy