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15 September 2023

Know Your Numbers! Week 2023

This September, Kinetik Wellbeing took part in Blood Pressure UK’s annual blood pressure awareness campaign, Know Your Numbers!

Kinetik Wellbeing At Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers!

Last week, Kinetik Wellbeing collaborated with Blood Pressure UK for another successful year, raising awareness around high blood pressure (hypertension) for Know Your Numbers! The UK’s biggest blood pressure testing and awareness event.

This year, we travelled around Leeds, Manchester and London, managing to give 1,013 blood pressure readings free of charge.

Half of people with high blood pressure are not receiving treatment or even remain undiagnosed.

This lack of awareness has contributed to making high blood pressure responsible for more than half of all strokes and heart attacks. This is devasting considering, high blood pressure is a health condition that is easy to prevent and treat with lifestyle changes and medication, if necessary.

One big obstacle in diagnosing someone with high blood pressure is that it’s mostly asymptomatic, meaning many people only find out they have hypertension after having their blood pressure checked for a different health concern, or after a serious health event such as a stroke or heart attack.

Kinetik wellbeing, know your numbers at Bluewater

This is why awareness is a major step for Kinetik Wellbeing’s and Blood Pressure UK’s combined mission in making a major impact in the fight against high blood pressure. By providing blood pressure readings, we help to inform people of their numbers (and what they mean), empowering them to monitor their health from home and make lifestyle changes, if needed.

My Blood Pressure

This year we took it one step further — releasing the new personal blood pressure companion, My Blood Pressure. While our blood pressure monitors tell you what your blood pressure reading is, My Blood Pressure tells you what it means with personalised clinical advice, and how to improve it with engaging and informative content written by experts within their respective fields.

My Blood Pressure
My Blood Pressure, workout

These include:

  • Education content
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Heart-healthy recipes.

Visit My Blood Pressure here, to start your journey towards healthier blood pressure today!

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