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Know Your Numbers – New Zealand

The award-winning blood pressure awareness event KnowYourNumbersNZ is back again for another year. Check your blood pressure today at one of our participating pharmacies!


One in five New Zealanders have high blood pressure (hypertension) with many of these people unaware they have it. This is partly due to high blood pressure often being asymptomatic, leading many people to discovering they have high blood pressure at an unrelated medial appointment or during a serious health event. This is why getting your blood pressure checked (even if you feel fine) is so important. Come visit one of our participating pharmacies to get your blood pressure checked!


      Can’t make it to any of these pharmacies? Don’t worry, you can still participate by using your own blood pressure monitor from home. Explore our exclusive range of clinically validated, BIHS approved blood pressure monitors available at Life Pharmacy.

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      Kinetik Wellbeing and the Heart Foundation are proud to partner on this year’s blood pressure awareness campaign KnowYourNumbersNZ, from the 26th of February to the 3rd of March.

      As well as working together to raise awareness, after the successful launch of My Blood Pressure in the UK, Kinetik Wellbeing are excited to announce they’re extending My Blood Pressure to New Zealand in partnership with the Heart Foundation, New Zealand’s heart charity leading the fight against the country’s single biggest killer – heart disease.

      Kinetik Wellbeing and the Heart Foundation share a commitment to making a major impact in reducing deaths from heart disease and stroke associated with high blood pressure.


      We are proudly launching My Blood Pressure in partnership with the Heart Foundation.

      My Blood Pressure offers easy-to-use tools to track, analyse, and gain valuable insights into your own blood pressure; as well as personalised advice to equip you with an increased understanding of what your readings mean.

      Within My Blood Pressure, you can view the Heart Hub for engaging and informative content from experts within their respective fields. This provides you with the knowledge to act towards achieving healthier blood pressure levels, such as heart-healthy recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

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      Last year, we travelled around the North Island and managed to provide an impressive 1,034 blood pressure checks. While this has a positive effect, we recognise that we need to do more to make a significant impact in the fight against high blood pressure. Which is why this year instead of being in 6 different locations, we are supporting 40 pharmacies around New Zealand to provide blood pressure checks and education surrounding this, so that even more people will know their numbers and live longer healthier lives.

      Watch the video from last year’s KnowYourNumbersNZ here.

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