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7 December 2018

The Kinetik Gift Guide: 7 gift ideas to wish a Happy, Healthy Christmas



Do you feel a sense of panic when you think about your Christmas shopping?  It might be the most wonderful time of the year but finding the right present for your loved ones and battling against busy high street crowds can cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

If you are feeling the pressure…relax!  We have created a handy Kinetik Christmas Gift Guide to help you find some inspiration.

Our Healthy Christmas gift guide is packed with ideas that focus on health and wellbeing to give your nearest and dearest a gift to help them take the best possible care of themselves, and enjoy a positive start to the New Year.

  1. An Activity Tracker

One of the best ways to improve overall health and fitness is to get moving.  An activity tracker like the Kinetik Bluetooth Activity Tracker will monitor the number of steps taken, calories burned, and distance travelled, on a daily basis.  All of these stats can be monitored over time to help motivate your fitness journey.

This device connects easily with our Kinetik Health Sense APP on Android and IOS, and the software will allow the wearer to track and share their results with you – because a bit of healthy competition of helps bring motivation too!

  1. A Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key to maintaining the key elements of our health and wellbeing.  It is recommended that drinking up to 2 litres of water will improve activity, weight, blood pressure and blood sugar – but this isn’t always easy to achieve on the go.  A reusable water bottle not only saves on money, it also helps to reduce plastic waste and acts as a reminder to keep topping up water levels throughout the day.

  1. A set of digital scales

Who doesn’t over-indulge a little bit over the festive period?  It’s almost impossible to avoid the temptation hiding around every corner but getting back on track is easier when you can easily measure and monitor weight loss.  A new set of scales is ideal for this.

The Kinetik Bluetooth Digital Scales are accurate and easy to read with a sleek, stylish design.  They easily connect via Bluetooth to the free Kinetik Health Sense APP which allows you to record weight changes over time.  The app is compatible with IOS and Android devices.

  1. A Smoothie Maker

Consuming those all-important 5 fruit and veg every day will contribute to an all-round healthier diet.  Fitting them all in can sometimes feel a bit daunting but blending the ingredients into a yummy smoothie is ideal for our busy, on-the-go lifestyles.  Team the smoothie maker with a cool smoothie recipe book and you have the perfect health-foodie gift!

  1. A Blood Pressure Monitor

High Blood Pressure can be a warning signal for other underlying health issues, but regularly monitoring your numbers will help you stay in control of your health and spot any potential problems.

The Kinetik range of Blood Pressure Monitors offers a variety of useful functions to make monitoring blood pressure as easy as possible.  If you are unsure which monitor to choose, check out our Blood Pressure Monitor Shopping Guide.

  1. A trip to the Spa

How often do any of us completely switch off, unplug and indulge in ourselves?  A spa day offers the perfect gift of health, rest and relaxation – and if you feel like joining in, you could make it a spa day for two!

  1. A Health Kit

If you are looking to give a healthy device this Christmas but you can’t decide what to go for, you can combine several into one healthy bundle with the Kinetik Health Sense Kit.

The Kinetik Health Sense Kit offers exceptional value and includes 4 devices to track key health stats and use them as motivation to live an all-round happier, healthier life.

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