The Kinetik Allergy Reliever featured on ITV’s Lorraine!

Published on June 13, 2018

We were recently contacted by ITV’s Lorraine.  They wanted to include the Kinetik Allergy Reliever in a feature with Dr Hilary Jones on ‘Coping with Hay Fever’ after reading about it on our website.

The Kinetik Allergy Reliever uses Red Light Therapy to ease the symptoms of Hay Fever.

The device includes a handheld unit attached to a nose probe.  The probe is inserted into the nostrils before activating a three-minute treatment cycle.  During treatment time, the probe glows red inside your nose (just like Dr Hilary’s did!). This indicates that the Red Light Therapy is working.  You won’t feel anything at all during or after treatment.

How does the Kinetik Allergy Reliever Work?

When the body detects Allergens (like tree pollen, dust or pet hair), it produces increased amounts of antibodies which cause certain cells to release Histamine. Histamine causes an inflammatory reaction within the body which explains your stuffy nose, runny eyes or blotchy skin.

The Allergy Reliever uses 2 different wavelengths of red light. One promotes increased blood flow and circulation to the nasal area and the second suppresses the cells that release histamine and reduces inflammation.

When will I see results?

Users report results after using the Allergy Reliever for 4 or 5 three-minute treatments, however this is different for everyone and others have noticed an immediate improvement.   We recommend daily use. You can use it 3 to 4 times per day, allowing 5-6 hours between each treatment.

You can use the Kinetik Allergy Reliever alone or alongside your usual allergy medication.

Dr Hilary Jones with the Kinetik Allergy Reliever

Where can I use the Allergy Reliever?

As with all Kinetik products the Kinetik Allergy Reliever is designed to fit in with everyday life. It is lightweight and portable with a handy lanyard that allows you to move around ‘hands-free’ during treatments. The probe does glow during treatments so you may prefer to use it when alone!

Who can use the Allergy Reliever?

Most people can use the Kinetik Allergy Reliever, though it is not suitable for use with a pacemaker or other implanted medical devices. It is not suitable for anyone suffering with Nasal Polyposis, sensitive skin in the nose or with poor circulation.

Children can use the device but only under the supervision of an adult.

Because no medications are involved, it is safe to use the Kinetik Allergy Reliever while pregnant or Breastfeeding, though we do advise you to consult with your GP beforehand.

When multiple people are using the Allergy Reliever we do not recommend that you share nose probes. Additional and replacement probes can be purchased from our website.

I’m convinced! Where can I get a Kinetik Allergy Reliever?

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