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28 July 2019

“I’m Bored!” 6 healthy ways to entertain the kids this summer


Happy Healthy Summer Fun

The 6-week Summer Holiday can feel like a terrifying prospect. How will you entertain the kids for that long without resorting to food bribes and emptying your bank account? Don’t worry! We have a tip for a healthy activity for every week of the summer holidays to help you reach September – and even have fun along the way.

Splash Out!

Kids love water. Fact. So whether you take them swimming, or switch on the garden sprinkler on a hot day – you’ll win some major points.

Many local parks have paddling pools or splash pads so pack a picnic, slather on the sun cream and get splashing!

Build a Den

You can build a den indoors or outdoors. All you need is a little bit of imagination and a few props. Make a secret shelter out of a blanket and a few chairs, or find your inner Bear Grylls and go for an outside hideout with sticks and leaves. Den building is a great way to introduce teamwork, problem solving and imagination.

Picnic Power

A picnic makes a plain old sandwich taste so much more interesting! Get the kids involved in creating the perfect picnic, and use the opportunity to encourage healthy food choices. Demonstrating healthy eating habits from a young age can help your little ones understand the importance of a good diet later on. Especially when they feel more involved in the preparation.

Take your Pick

Picking your own fruit and cramming your pockets full of squishy strawberries is such a well-loved British past-time! It’s also a perfect way of introducing healthy berries to your children’s diet. They will love the independence of picking their own food, it teaches them about the importance of eating fresh, seasonal produce, and you can incorporate a challenge by seeing who can pick the biggest berries (be careful the contest doesn’t descend into an argument!)

Obstacle Course

This is another activity that you can do at home, or at the park! Create a fun challenge course using anything you can find to challenge your kiddy crew! Jumping, balancing, hula hooping, skipping, hop-scotching and star jumps are all fun and fit activities that you can build into your course – if you’re missing the gym, you could join in too!

Create your own Family Festival

If the thought of taking the kids to a festival makes you break out in a cold sweat – make your own at home! Stick on some of your favourite tunes, have a dance in the garden and let your hair down (all within easy reach of your own private bathroom). Dancing is great exercise that everyone can enjoy, and music lifts everyone’s spirits.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not camp out in the garden and go to sleep under the stars? Camping is another wonderful team-building experience and will make your little ones feel super-independent.

Equip yourself and your family with all of the tools to keep your family happy and healthy this summer. Visit our online store to browse our products.

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