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Hearing Amplifiers

The Kinetik hearing amplifier has been designed to enhance your hearing both indoors and outdoors, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy time with friends and family.


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    • Easy to use
    • Ages 3+
    • Comfortable and discreet
    • 3 silicone gel tips
    • Easily adjustable volume
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Did you know?

Our hearing amplifiers help to support people’s hearing ability by amplifying the sounds and then transmitting these to the ear. Whether you are inside watching a movie or sat in the park chatting with friends our hearing amplifier will help you hear louder and clearer.

Price Match Promise

If you find any of our products at a lower price in any of our retailers than our own online store, get in touch with us and we’ll promise to match the price for you.

FAQs About Our Hearing Amplifiers

Where can I get replacement batteries?

Please visit your local electronics store or search online for a LR754 battery (D.C. 1.5V).

Where can I get replacement silicone tips?

The hearing amplifier is compatible with standard silicone gel tips used for headphones. Please search online or visit your local retailer.