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18 December 2017

Healthy Christmas gift ideas for Mum and Dad


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Are you struggling for gift ideas for your mum or dad? Don’t panic! Show them that you care about their long term health and wellbeing with a gift to help them start the New Year on the right track. Here are our top healthy gift ideas for parents this Christmas.

Do Mum and Dad tend to over indulge a little during the festive feasts? It’s hard to stay active and healthy when there is so much temptation around every corner. But rather than wait for their clothes to start feeling snug, they can manage their weight and get back on track once all the turkey and mince pies have been eaten with a set of Kinetik Bluetooth Digital Scales.

This discreet and attractive set of scales also connects via Bluetooth to the free Kinetik Health Sense APP which will allow your mum and dad to record weight changes over time. The app is compatible with IOS and Android devices.

High Blood Pressure can be a signal to other underlying health issues, but regularly monitoring their blood pressure will help your mum and dad stay in control of their health and spot any potential problems. The Kinetik Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor features a large easy to read display with backlight, 60 user reading memory and a universal cuff.

The British Hypertension Society recommends the best way to monitor blood pressure is to take an average of three readings, and the Kinetik Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor is perfectly designed to effectively track and calculate an average reading so they don’t have to! It also provides the perfect solution for those who struggle to get to their GP for regular checks – or worry about seeing one (which can cause a rise in blood pressure in itself).

This blood pressure monitor connects via Bluetooth to the Kinetik Health Sense App which is free to download to their iOS or Android phone or tablet. This way they can monitor their readings over time and show their GP if they have any concerns.

Keeping fit and being active will help your mum and dad stay healthier together – and if keeping up with the grandchildren doesn’t keep them active enough, they might need an extra motivator! The Kinetik Bluetooth Activity Tracker is a small and portable device, with a sleek design that means they can comfortably wear it and monitor their movement as part of daily life. Whether they are super active fitness fanatics, or they prefer a slow and steady potter around the garden, the easy to use display and functions will allow them to track all of their activity.

This device connects easily with our Kinetik Health Sense APP on Android and IOS, and the software will allow them to track and share their results with you too!

If you like the sound of all of the above healthy gift ideas but you can’t choose just one – you could give them all as the ultimate healthy gift to your parents with the Kinetik Health Sense Kit!

The Kinetik Health Sense Kit will give your parents the tools to track their key health statistics and turn that information into a real understanding of what they mean for them.

All Kinetik electronic devices use the latest technology and will help your mum and dad assess and record their most important health measures. We believe it is important that our devices can be used easily at home, with easy to understand results – which will help your parents decide on the best action to take to improve their own long term health.

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The Kinetik Wellbeing team would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy Christmas!

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