Coronavirus Products

Monitor and manage the symptoms of Coronavirus and the illness it causes, COVID-19. These products help you keep an eye on your temperature and oxygen levels, and can help you prevent possible infection from spreading.

Product Range

Compressor Nebulizer


Thermometer Probe Covers (20 Per Box)


Thermometer Probe Covers Twin Pack (40 Per Box)


Inner Ear Thermometer


Kinetik Approved

For the first time, we’re working with other medical manufacturers to keep affordable stock on our shelves in this time of high demand. Kinetik Approved products are not made by us, but we have used the technical team in our Hong Kong office to not only audit the factories but also test the devices to ensure accuracy and comply to industry standards, we can therefore recommend them all.

Pricing and Deliveries

Our supply chain is under more pressure than normal at the moment, our partner factories are fighting to maintain supply in the face of staff shortages and struggling to hold pricing amidst soaring raw material costs. In light of this we’re working extra hard to maintain affordable pricing and dispatch deliveries as fast as possible, currently you can expect to receive your orders within a maximum of 5 days. We’ll keep you updated whenever we can. Thanks for your support.
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