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13 June 2017

It’s All About Balance


Balance Pebbles

It is so easy to make the decision to be healthier, but DOING it is where most of us fall down.

We go at our new regime hell for leather for the 1st week or so and then… We fall off the wagon and never quite get back on it.

Did you know that simple small changes WILL have a huge impact on your wellbeing?  Don’t believe me, check out our Top Tips on how to move more in 2017.

Make moving a priority

The problem with exercise is that we don’t always see it as an essential part of our day, in the same way that we might see things like picking up kids up from school, or getting to work on time. But the fact remains; moving is incredibly important for our health and makes us more efficient anyway. So instead of seeing it as an optional extra, we should see it as something that is vital to keeping us healthy. That way, we won’t just drop it at the first opportunity; instead, we’ll do our best to find the time, the energy, and the ways to fit it in.

Find an activity that works for you

Look at your lifestyle, likes and dislikes and find an activity that is going to work best for you. Choose something that you’ll be able to find the time for, that you’ll enjoy and that you can easily incorporate into your life (e.g. brisk walking). Then you are more likely to maintain it long-term.

Be prepared

When you’ve got a busy lifestyle, every minute counts, so make sure that when you plan to get active, you’re fully prepared. It could be as simple as keeping your exercise kit at the bottom of your bed ready to chuck on in the morning, or your walking boots by the door, for a stroll at lunchtime. If you are prepared, you have fewer excuses.

A few minutes is better than nothing

In our opinion, moving is better than staying still – even just a few minutes can make a difference. No matter how busy we are, we can always find a few spare minutes to get our heart rate up and blood pumping. So, squeeze in whatever time you can find and it’ll make all the difference when it comes to your health.

Make it a part of your day

Busy at work? Why not have a walking meeting. It will also get the creative juices flowing! Daily commute? Use your journey to work as a chance to inject some fitness into your day – ditch the car and cycle to work, or park a little further away and walk in. Meeting up with friends? Combine your socialising with some exercise rather than a coffee and cake. And what on earth possesses people to pay for the step machine at the gym but then use the escalator or lift rather than the stairs?!


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