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12 December 2020

WW Partner with Kinetik Wellbeing to Help Improve Health at Home

Spending more time at home can lead to interruptions to our routine, and cause us to lose focus on...

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17 March 2020

Coronavirus: Tips to protect your health at home

Advice and information to help you be well, and stay well during the Coronavirus outbreak. What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus...

8 October 2019

We’re here for the Mums!

Kinetik Mums is a new YouTube channel for parents, on a mission to champion your family’s health… What’s Kinetik...

12 December 2018

6 fun ways to keep your kids fit and healthy through play this winter

Chilly weather and dark nights naturally make us want to hibernate until spring, but even though vegging out with...

25 October 2018

4 Common Health Scares and how to face them without fear

Think about some of the scariest movies you have ever seen – you know the ones, they make you...

12 October 2018

The busy parent’s guide to keeping your child healthy all year round

Being poorly is a part of growing up but no parent wants to see their child come down with...

22 August 2018

How to choose the right thermometer for your family

Fevers and bugs are a part of growing up, and an inevitability that all parents should be prepared for....

3 November 2017

Kinetik news on detecting and treating child fever

Read our latest newsletter with information and advice from our partners St John Ambulance on what to do if...

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