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13 January 2021

Tips for Losing Weight At Home

Staying at home might cause your weight loss goals to hit a stumbling block, but this is no reason...

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14 January 2020

Achieve your 2020 health goals with our easy guide

2020 is here and the glow of Christmas has all but faded, along with your New Year resolve to...

16 October 2019

Do couples who train together, stay together?

Why does working out have to be a solo activity?  Our lives are so busy that it is almost...

22 August 2019

11 Emotional Stages Of Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is a physical and mental battle. We asked Kinetik’s very own George Chandler what emotional stages he...

16 July 2019

How to stay fit with an injury

There is nothing worse than finally finding your fitness mojo and sustaining an injury that stops you in your...

21 June 2019

4 ways to feel the health benefits of the Great Outdoors

June is Great Outdoors Month – why? Because being outside is incredibly important to our health and well-being. There...

18 April 2019

Feeling stressed? You need to exercise more

Stress is on the rise Regular exercise is good for our physical health, but it is also hugely beneficial...

24 March 2019

4 DIY health checks you can carry out at home

Everyone has a responsibility to look after their own health. What health checks can you make at home? Increasingly...

1 January 2019

A simple and manageable guide to smashing your health goals in 2019

The main problem with Christmas is the aftermath.  The festivities are great while they last but the indulgence of...

12 December 2018

6 fun ways to keep your kids fit and healthy through play this winter

Chilly weather and dark nights naturally make us want to hibernate until spring, but even though vegging out with...

7 December 2018

The Kinetik Gift Guide: 7 gift ideas to wish a Happy, Healthy Christmas

Do you feel a sense of panic when you think about your Christmas shopping?  It might be the most...

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