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9 July 2018

Which Blood Pressure Monitor is right for me?


Which Blood Pressure Monitor Is Right For Me

Our helpful Blood Pressure Monitor Shopping Guide will help you find out…

Ideally, everyone should take a keen interest in their blood pressure as it is key to maintaining your health and wellbeing.  The best way to prevent high blood pressure is to take regular readings which can help you to take early action if you notice that things aren’t right.

Blood Pressure UK recommends checking your blood pressure when you are relaxed and comfortable, and when your heart is at resting pace (visit their website for more guidelines). Having a Blood Pressure Monitor at home means that you and your family can take and record your blood pressure at the most convenient times for everyone – and you can help each other to remember to use it regularly too.

Kinetik Wellbeing blood pressure monitors are designed to help you measure, monitor and manage your health in the comfort of your own home.  Each model in our Blood Pressure range comes with its own unique benefits and features…

But which Blood Pressure Monitor is best for you? 

These 5 quick questions will help you determine what you want and need from your blood pressure monitor:

How often do you think you will use your blood pressure monitor?

All of our monitors are designed to be easy to use and require minimal set up, so can take your blood pressure as often as you like without having to worry about a lengthy set up every time.

All of our monitors are activated with a single push of a button.

As a more regular user you may prefer the benefits of the Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort which has a pre-formed comfort cuff, so removes the need to readjust it each time for a comfortable fit.

Do you need help understanding your readings?

If you are unfamiliar with what your blood pressure reading should be and what it is, our easy to read Quick Reference Feature will be a big help to you. Your reading is highlighted against the indicator to simply classify your reading.  Remember that this is merely an indicators and you should raise any worries about your blood pressure with a medical professional.

For a blood pressure monitor with our Quick Reference Feature, see Kinetik’s Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor.

Who is your blood pressure monitor for?

Working as a family to maintain a healthy lifestyle is the perfect motivation to keep you on track.  The Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort has a ‘Family Mode‘ setting – a 3 user memory with 60 memories for each user.

If you need a way to keep track of your readings, you might prefer the Kinetik Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, which has a 90 reading memory so you can keep a record to share with your GP.

What sort of cuff is best for you?

Taking your Blood Pressure should be as comfortable as possible so we put a lot of consideration into our cuffs!  All Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitors (with the exception of our Wrist Monitors) have a universal cuff size measuring 22-42cm.

As its name suggests, the Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort comes with our most comfortable cuff yet!  Not only is our cuff a one-size-fits-all, but its extra comfort aims to provide you with a hassle-free experience of blood pressure monitoring. The pre-formed cuff is easy to put on to your arm with one hand, making blood pressure measurement even simpler.

The Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor has cuff that measures on inflate for fast, accurate readings, and a quick release function for extra ease of use.

If you prefer to take your blood pressure from your wrist rather than your upper arm, Kinetik Advanced Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is designed especially to meet your needs.

Would you like to track your heart rate?

The Kinetik Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort has an Irregular Heartbeat Detection and Morning Hypertension Detection allow you to know when to seek further medical assistance and Advanced BP Alert Reminders prompt you into a routine of checking your blood pressure.

Choosing your Blood Pressure Monitor

Now you know the answers to these key questions, you can pair your answers against our handy check list for each Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor to help you make your final decision.

The Kinetik Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort (£34.99)

One-Button Operation And Easy To Read Display

Perfect for:  Comfort, ease, family use

Key features:

  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • 3 user memory – ‘Family Mode’ – 60 memories each
  • Averages readings – as per BIHS Guidelines
  • Quick to use – one button operation
  • Universal comfort cuff – measures on inflation
  • Our most comfortable cuff yet – pre-formed cuff

The Kinetik Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (£24.99)
Currently reduced to £19.99!

Blood Pressure Products 1 Scaled | Kinetik Wellbeing

Perfect for: Single user, quick reference, quick release cuff

  • Easy to use – fully automatic, works at the push of a button
  • Measures on inflate for fast accurate readings
  • Easy to read – large display
  • Comfortable – quick release cuff

The Kinetik Advanced Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (£24.99)

7076817 4 | Kinetik Wellbeing

Perfect for: Readings from your wrist, quick reference, one or two users

  • Easy to use – fully automatic, works at the push of a button
  • BIHS standards – average of last 3 three readings stored
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • 2 user memory
  • Measures on inflate for fast accurate readings
  • Comfortable – wrist based monitor with advanced movement guide to get the perfect position for a reading

Our online shop includes videos of our monitors and further information on their key features.  Happy Shopping!

Visit our online shop

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