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Find out more about who we are and how our technology helps to deliver health in the home.


We believe in empowering everyone to manage their health at home. As well as helping you measure when something’s wrong, our products help you monitor and manage your long-term wellbeing, so you can live a healthier life. They’re affordable, accessible and reliable – this combined with their easy-to-use design means you’ll have the insight into your health that you need to live well.

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The Kinetik Technology Group was established to ensure seamless and accelerated management of the global supply chain of medical devices. From idea generation to getting the device into the hands of the user, the group ensures product quality is maintained to the highest level, at affordable prices.


Our range of medical devices are sold all across Europe, South East Asia and Australasia. Often you’ll find our devices under the Kinetik Wellbeing brand, however, due to our medical and regulatory expertise we also manufacture clinically validated devices for a number of global retailers. Providing retailers with the opportunity to stock these life-changing medical devices without the need to build expertise internally or carry any of the liability associated with manufacturing medical devices. Get in touch today to discuss opportunities to stock Kinetik Wellbeing devices or if you’d like to explore own brand or new product development opportunities.

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Our devices are compliant with European medical device regulations and are Class IIa Medical Devices. In addition, all our blood pressure monitors are validated by the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and the British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS), who publish independent, peer-reviewed lists of blood pressure monitors that are not governed by commercial interest. Our BIHS and ESH validation are some of the many reasons we have been selected by the NHS as a key supplier.




We are extremely proud to have been awarded a number of Which? Best Buy awards across our range. Which? are 100% independent and do not accept gifts or remuneration from manufacturers. Their rigorous tests and expert recommendations help consumers to trust the Kinetik Wellbeing brand and make a confident purchase.

“As an organisation, we’re not for profit and all for protecting consumers – a powerful force for good, here to make life simpler, fairer and safer for everyone.” – Which?


We care about our planet and are committed to improving our products and processes to minimize the impact on it. We’re focusing on improving sustainability across our entire supply chain:

Packaging – We are working with FSC to ensure the card and paper materials we use are responsibly sourced.

Calibration – We want to reduce waste by helping our customers to know if their device is accurate, which means fewer sales for us but more importantly fewer devices in landfills.

Materials – Across our product range, we are reducing the level of non-essential plastic whilst also replacing with recyclable materials where possible.

Business processes​ – We help our end users dispose of their devices in a responsible way. We work in a transparent way with our retailers to communicate our strategy to reach a more sustainable supply chain.



Through our Hong Kong based technology centre of excellence we have achieved ISO13485 certification along with compliance to both Medical Devices Directive (MDD) and European Medical Device Regulation (MDR), ensuring only the best quality and accurate devices are provided to our customers globally.


We are on a mission to empower health at home, and we know we can achieve this mission by being:



Interested in a career with Kinetik Wellbeing?

We currently have a number of open positions at our London head office. Get in touch to find out more:

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We are the only medical device company to work in association with St John Ambulance, the global First Aid charity. We have a shared passion for empowering people to look after their health. Every time a Kinetik Wellbeing device is purchased we make a donation to St John Ambulance, this enables them to continue to meet the health needs of communities across the UK and globally.

Find out more about how we are working together to deliver health in the home.

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Kinetik Wellbeing is a key NHS supplier of clinically proven, innovative medical devices for health monitoring and therapy. We offer significant cost savings across a broad range of medical devices, whilst ensuring to provide the highest level of quality and patient care.

Find out more about our work with the NHS and why not read one of the many case studies available.

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