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2 August 2019

5 tips to help you sleep better in the summer heat


Family sleep tips for the heat

Everyone is always looking for better sleep, so here are 5 tips to help you sleep better when the mercury is rising…

Warm summer nights staring up at the stars are one thing but trying to sleep when the air is thick and muggy is another. Warm temperatures are great, but it can take a while to acclimatise and enjoy them so we have a few hot tips to keep you cool during a heatwave.

Stay Cool

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Keep temperatures down at night by keeping the warmth out during the day. Close your windows until the outside air has cooled to prevent warm air coming in, and keep the room shaded by closing curtains or blinds. Coming to bed in a cool oasis will help you feel refreshed as your head hits the hay.

Let the H20 flow

Stay hydrated by keeping your water intake steady during your day. Avoid downing big glasses and take smaller drinks more often. Your body functions better when it is hydrated, and sleep will come more easily

Drinking plenty of water also flushes out toxins meaning you’ll look and feel healthier inside and out. Get that summer glow.

Look after little ones

Babies and young children are experts at sleep avoidance, especially if their normal routine or conditions are disrupted. Aim to keep their room temperature at a comfortable 16-20 ֯C and dress little ones in lightweight, natural materials like cotton. Remember that their body temperature will drop at night so user thinner layers to keep them comfortable instead of removing covers altogether.

The Kinetik Digital Non-Contact Thermometer provides a super-quick and discreet way of keeping an eye on your little one’s temperature on hot nights. It also has a hand room ambience mode to help your monitor the air temperature in their room. More information here.

avoid cold showers before bed

Avoid the ice baths

The thought of a cold shower before bed might sound amazing but it can actually have the opposite effect. Cold water boosts circulation as your body reacts and tries to heat itself back up, so stick to tepid water for your bedtime bath or shower and you’ll go to bed feeling super fresh.

This advice also applies to little ones – the NHS UK website has lots of helpful advice to help your baby sleep like – well, a baby!

Get Cold feet

Put a pair of clean socks in the fridge and pull them out before bedtime, cooling your feet will help the rest of your body to chill down too.
You can also try chilling your pillow cases, or put icy cold water in your hot water bottle and place it between the sheets a little while before bed. Heaven!

Do you have any tips to stay cool during the warm weather? Drop them to us via our social pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we’ll share the chilled vibes with our followers too.

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