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11 June 2019

5 healthy things to do this Father’s Day


Fahters Day Gift Ideas

Your Dad is your hard-working hero and Father’s Day is a chance to show him your appreciation by treating him to some quality time with you!  Here are 5 healthy things to do this Father’s Day

Go for a walk

Enjoy some fresh air and quality time with a family walk in the great outdoors. Walking is great for our overall health, it can contribute to lowering blood pressure and burn off calories too.  The beauty of walking is that everyone can join in, from little ones to grandparents.

Get out into the Garden

Gardening is an enjoyable and relaxing form of exercise that is also beneficial to mental health. Stress and anxiety and spending too much time sitting down indoors all contribute to High Blood Pressure, so get outdoors and spend some time with Dad to help him spruce up his outdoor space.  If he is a keen gardener, ask him for some pointers – he will love passing on his knowledge!  It’s a fantastic activity to involve smaller children who will love digging and getting themselves grubby.

Book him a massage

Spa Days aren’t just for Mum, Dad needs to relax too!  Encourage him to take some time out and book him a massage, he will thank you for it later.  Relaxing with a gentle massage can help to melt away any stress and any aches and pains that might be niggling him.  You could even book one for yourself too!

Cook a healthy meal

Many families treat Dad to a slap-up meal on Father’s Day, go the extra mile by preparing a family feast at home!  Cooking fresh food helps to track unhealthy ingredients like salt and foods high in saturated fats, which contribute to raising blood pressure and obesity.

The old saying goes that the way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach so cook him something with love and spend some family time around the table.


You cannot beat getting back to nature and enjoying some together time with a family camping trip!  Enjoying some time off-grid, away from technology and working together to prepare meals does wonders for Dad-bonding.  Pack up your tent and some wet-weather gear (just in case!), find the perfect campsite and off you go (don’t forget your tin opener!)

However you choose to spend your Father’s Day, we hope you have a happy, healthy time together.

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