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9 September 2021

5 exercises to normalise blood pressure

Exercise is an excellent way to help your blood pressure levels return to normal.

‘Find out about five of the most effective workouts to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.



1. Isometric workout

This is as close to cheating your way to lower blood pressure as you can get. Isometric exercise, such as holding planks or squats, has been found to be a very efficient way to lower blood pressure. However, there is an easier way which can be considered a kind of cheating.  It’s so simple that you may do it while watching your favourite TV show. A hand exerciser or anything that provides adequate ‘push back’ resistance, such as a tennis ball, can be used to conduct one sort of isometric exercise.


In as little as five weeks, you can notice significant benefits with isometric workouts. Squeezing should be done for at least two minutes at a time. Repeat with each hand four times, pausing for one to four minutes between squeezes. Isometric exercises should only be used as part of a larger fitness programme; combine them with some of the recommendations below to see genuine results in lowering blood pressure.

green stress ball

2. Consistent moderate activity

Walking, swimming, running, cycling, or rowing for 30-60 minutes each day can help lower blood pressure. Don’t feel compelled to dive right in with these workouts; instead, gradually increase your level of difficulty. Aim to exercise three to five times per week. Use our rating of perceived effort scale to determine the intensity of your workout.

3. Band (resistance) workout

Strengthening activities may be incorporated into your workout to help lower blood pressure even further. These can be done twice or three times a week instead of once or twice a week like aerobic exercise. However, if you have high blood pressure, you should avoid lifting large weights or doing activities that involve a lot of movement (lying to standing for instance). Resistance bands are an excellent tool for these exercises since they don’t put you under too much stress.

Resistant bands
group sport

4. Do a group activity

If all of the above sounds like too much to handle, consider enrolling in a group fitness class. You’re probably already performing a lot of points 2 and 3 without even realising it.

5. Yoga

Yoga’s mix of postures, breath control, and meditation has been demonstrated in studies to help reduce blood pressure. To increase your chances of lowering blood pressure, combine the previous activities with yoga. If you’re new to yoga, we have a selection of mats to help you get started. It can aid in the monitoring of your blood pressure.


After you’ve chosen your favourite workout and started doing it regularly, why not use a blood pressure monitor to see how much of a difference it’s making? You’ll be able to test your blood pressure quickly and simply from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll be inspired to take charge of your health. Take a look at the blood pressure figures explained if you’re not sure how to interpret the monitor.

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